Hvalpsund Net builds 25 cage collars for Cermaq

Aslak Berge

Danish company Hvalpsund Net will deliver 25 new cage collars to Norwegian salmon producer Cermaq, sales manager Ryan Poulsen told Salmon Business.

“We recently received an order from Cermaq for new cage collars that we will produce in our factory in Hammerfest,” says Poulsen.

160 meters
The Cermaq contract is a follow up on the agreement between the two companies from last year.

“We adelivered 15 items of the same type –  the new HD500 Extreme –  before Christmas. We have just put the last of the 25 floats to sea in Hammerfest, thus concluding a project with more than 40 items, consisting of 160 meters of merchandise delivered since October 2016.”

Innovative market leaders
“We are proud and happy that such a big and innovative player as Cermaq Norway has chosen a small Danish supplier like us. It is incredibly important for us to be selected again. This year we can put innovative market leaders like Cermaq Norway, Firda Seafarms, Marine Harvest Canada and Bakkafrost on our exclusive customer list. All of them have chosen our new HD500 cage collar,” says Poulsen.


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