Hybrid wellboat completed in record time

Stian Olsen

“Ro Venture” was recently handed over from Larsnes Mek Verksted to shipping company Rostein, the shipyard reported on its Facebook page.

“Ro Venture” is the second hybrid wellboat in the world after its sister ship “Ro Vision.”

According to Larsnes Mek Verksted, both wellboats are equipped with battery pack from Siemens, a set of diesel generators from Yanmar and have SCR facilities for NOX purification from Emigreen mounted on board. The boats each have a capacity of 3,900m3.

“Ro Venture has been equipped in a record time of just under 4.5 months. We delivered “Ro Vision” at the end of March and considering the time we have been in with the challenges of the Covid-19 situation, our own employees and our subcontractors have made a formidable effort during this particular period, where we have had almost full operation,” wrote Larsnes Mek Verksted.

While “Ro Vision” is contracted with SalMar, “Ro Venture” will operate in spot market. That’s what the vice president of Rostein, Glen Bradley, told SalmonBusiness.

“Ro Venture”. PHOTO: Larsnes Mek Verksted

“We believe the vessels are the right investments to make the environmental pledge,” he said.

About the experiences of “Ro Vision” so far, he said:

“It’s been a run-in period, which has worked pretty well. We don’t have any data yet in terms of CO2 savings as it goes into various operations. We’ll see that eventually, but the hybrid setup works very well,” he concluded.


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