Hydra Salmon hoping to “disrupt” grow-out model

Salmon Business
Model trials: a 1:40 scale version of the Hydra Pioneers

Hydra Salmon Company reckons its can grow salmon 50 percent more effectively than with today’s conventional model, writes newspaper, Hitra-Froya.

The company has sought a development permit for an enclosed permit and last Friday received word from the Norwegian Fisheries Ministry that they’re production model would evaluated. The idea revolves around the tank designs of three local men of long experience in aquaculture.

Their invention is to sink a steel tank 60 meters wide some 20 meters below the water’s surface. Flotation elements keep the tank from sinking.

Former Salmar exec, Olav Klungreseth, joined the project after the three founders showed him the sketch. Klungreseth — a hydropower engineer — was SalMar’s chairman between 1991 and 2003.

“The world will open for us the day we finally get the green light for our four development licenses,” an optimistic Klungreseth told the newspaper.

The tank top envisions a tight cap with the bottom open apart from a net cover to keep fish in. Beneath the lower cylinder a sub-section fitted with blade-like vanes naturally circulate water in the tank.

While the industry has focused on removing sea lice from their salmon “hosts”, the internationally patented idea envisages hindering lice from accessing the fish.


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