Hydrolicer deploys supply vessel to fight Scottish sea lice

Aslak Berge

Hydrolicer has started the shipping company «Hydro Shipping».

“We are the system developer and sit on the best knowledge of Hydrolicer, and we also have extensive experience in operating in the aquaculture industry and the superb seafarers in the company. So this is a natural step for us,” said CEO Hydrolicer Øyvind Nymark to SalmonBusiness.

“Our first boat is already in place and we are in full swing with preparations and installation, as well as to complement the crew on board,” he added

The boat, which has been named “Hydro Pioneer”, is a 52-metre long PSV (platform supply vessel) and will go into a long-term contract with a customer in Scotland this autumn.

The “Hydro Pioneer” will be installed with four lines of Hydrolicer and will have the option for two more extension lines.

“We will mainly operate with sea lice management, but the boat is also equipped to do other operating services for the customer. This is a new milestone for the company and we look forward to getting started,” added Nymark.


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