Hydrolicer to consolidate companies under new name

editorial staff

Since the launch of Hydrolicer in 2015, the development has been significant for the Central Norwegian aquaculture company, and in February this year, the company also established its own shipping company. Now it’s gathering all their businesses under one brand name “Smir” to prepare the ground for further growth.

“With the development, we are experiencing for our products and services, which no longer just rely on pure debugging systems, the time has come to gather everything under one name,” said Smir CEO Øyvind Nymark.

Nymark said that they wanted a traditional name, which will be a superstructure for all the companies in the group, while at the same time there is room to incorporate constantly newly developed products and services in the portfolio.

Øyvind Nymark. PHOTO: Smir

“The name Smir is inspired by what a blacksmith does when he creates new and useful things,” explained Nymark.

The word means “forge” in Norwegian.

“This fits well with what we do, which is to create new and good solutions in fish welfare,” he added.

Smir currently has projects in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Canada and, according to Nymark, is showing great interest and commitment from both existing and new customers.

In addition to Smir, the Smir Group will include the companies Hydromerd, Hydrolicer Drift, as well as Hydro Shipping, which will also gradually be incorporated into the name change.

The company also has a branch in Scotland.


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