Hydroniq Coolers nabs Myklebust Verft contract for new Sølvtrans wellboat

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Hydroniq Coolers to deliver and equip hull-integrated seawater cooling system.

In a press release, Norwegian shipbuilder Myklebust Verft writes that it has awarded Hydroniq Coolers a contract to deliver a hull-integrated seawater cooling system to a vessel the yard is building for wellboat company Sølvtrans.

Hydroniq Coolers delivers marine cooling solutions to vessels that operate within offshore, shipping, cruise, passenger transport, fishery and salmon farming. It did not disclose the value of the contract.

The company will equip the wellboat with its Rack seawater cooling system which is integrated in the hull below the vessel’s main engine room.

“The solution with a hull-integrated system is particularly favourable for vessels that operate with large loads and at low speeds, which is typical for wellboats. Hydroniq Coolers’ Rack seawater cooler provides better cooling than traditional box coolers under such conditions,” said Myklebust Verft project manager Tor Inge Nordmo.

“Marine cooling systems are utilised to reduce temperatures in the ship’s engines and other auxiliary systems through use of seawater to avoid overheating of the engine and other critical systems,” it wrote.

Hydroniq Coolers has previously supplied a similar marine cooling system to the two Sølvtrans vessels “Ronja Ocean” and “Ronia Diamond”, both of which were built at Myklebust Verft.

“The fact that the world’s largest wellboat company and one its favoured shipyards returns with repeat orders is the best possible marketing for our systems,” said Hydroniq Coolers sales manager Håvard S. Tveitane.

The new wellboat is newbuilding number 75 at Myklebust Verft and will be delivered in March 2021. The vessel is of NVC 389 design from Kongsberg Maritime CM. While both the “Ronja Ocean” and “Ronia Diamond” have a storage capacity of 3,200 cubic metres, the new vessel will have a storage capacity of 4,000 cubic metres due to hull that is 7.2 metres longer.

“Sølvtrans has demonstrated impressive growth and delivered an ambitious newbuilding programme. They place high demands on quality, operational reliability and energy efficiency. This makes us passionate about delivering above the shipowner’s and yard’s expectations, to be first in line when new contracts are awarded in the future,” added Hydroniq Coolers CEO Inge Bøen.


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