Hyen Fisk loses another 42,000 fry

Stian Olsen

162,000 dead.

Last week, Hyen Fisk’s smolt plant in Sogn og Fjordane, Western Norway, suffered mortalities after a river ripped through facility.

Now muddy water is creating even more problems for the smolt producer.

The Årneselva river, which runs between the boatbuilding firm Brødrene Aa and Hyen Fisk, went over its banks, creating major problems for both companies. While the Brothers Aa early confirmed big losses, Hyen Fisk suffered minimal damage to its building.

But in the aftermath, the smolt producer has lost a lot of fish. First, general manager of Hyen Fisk, Åsmund Ommedal, told SalmonBusiness that he believed that the company lost around 150,000 fry. But that number was lower than thought, 120,000.

However, now a further 42,000 fish have died – bring that number the total to 162,000.

“We had mortality following the incident on Tuesday of about 120,000 rainbow trout. About 12,000 of these were 50 grams of fish in the growth hall, and the remainder were fry (three grams) in the feed department,” Ommedal wrote in an SMS to SalmonBusiness.

Ommedal also writes that on Saturday there was a failure in the water supply due to debris in the waterline.

“42,000 fish in the feed department died this episode. Our entire water source is cloudy due to many watercourses on Tuesday, and will probably still be there for a while,” Ommedal added.

“We are seeing that is better in the plant. The water is becoming clearer with each passing day. The fish have a good appetite and are good in the tanks. They seem to handle the water conditions well.

According to Ommedal, fish escapes are not suspected.

“Secondary security has been intact all the time,” he said.

In conclusion, Ommedal says that Hyen Fisk has been cleaned up internally at the plant, and outside is a temporary road supply in place.


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