“I talked to it and it just looked at me and went to sleep”

Stian Olsen

Salmon farm hand Jørgen Fure received a rather special visit when he was at work at a Cermaq site in Nordland, Northern Norway.

At first, Fure thought it was rubbish that had settled on the cage edge after a storm, but as he got closer to the plant in a workboat, it turned out to be a walrus taking it easy.

“I talked to it and it just looked at me and went to sleep. It didn’t care that I was there. When the boat reached a little too close, it jumped into the sea again. It was a very special experience,” said Fure to Avisa Nordland.

Fure confirmed the incident to SalmonBusiness.

“This happened on Sunday,” he texted.

Video courtesy of Jørgen Fure.

According to SNL, there are currently four populations of walrus:

  • In the North Pacific
  • Along eastern Canada and western Greenland
  • From East Greenland across Svalbard to the Cara Sea
  • By the Laptev Sea off Siberia

Marine biologist at the University of Tromsø and nature photographer Audun Richardsen, who is originally from Steigen, told Avisa Nordland that this is the first time he has heard that a walrus has entered the fjords in the municipality.


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