Ice Fish Farms and Laxar begin merger negotiations

Aslak Berge

Two Icelandic salmon farmers have started “strategic discussions”.

Ice Fish Farm has on Wednesday entered into strategic discussions with Laxar Fiskeldi for the purpose of exploring strategic opportunities between the companies going forward.

Ice Fish Farm will revert with further information if and when the discussions have progressed and materialized into something more specific, the salmon farmer wrote in a stock exchange announcement.

The talks begin two days after Icelandic competition authorities formally approved Måsøval’s acquisition of Ice Fish Farm.

As early as November, Måsøval opened the way for a merger between listed Ice Fish Farm and Laxar. Holding company Måsøval Eiendom is the majority owner of Laxar, Ice Fish Farm and Måsøval.

“We see great synergies by coordinating and structuring the only two companies that have fish farming on the east side of Iceland,” Måsøval CEO Lars Måsøval told SalmonBusiness.

“So we are positive, as majority owners, to find a solution between the two companies,” he added.

Ice Fish Farm’s share price was up 1.1 per-cent on the Oslo Stock Exchange on Wednesday.


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