Iceland can soon start export of salmon to China


Five years have passed since Iceland and China signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Thanks to the signing of three new protocols, Icelandic salmon farmers can soon export their fish to China.

Last week, Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson, Minister of Foreign affair in Iceland and Ni Yuefeng, the Chinese Minister of Customs, signed the protocols to the existing FTA between Iceland and China, according to a press release from the Government Offices of Iceland.

The signing took place at the headquarters of The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) in Selfoss.

These protocols concern a recognition of health standards for among Icelandic aquaculture products and fish meal and fish oil and Icelandic salmon farmers can soon export their product to China. There will be no tariffs or custom on Icelandic salmon. It is for fresh and frozen products.

Ni Yuefeng stated in a meeting with Icelandic salmon farmers that the Chinese welcomed  Icelandic salmon products and that China would like to be a strong buyer of the products in the future.

It will take about two weeks before these protocols are taken into effect.

Representatives from the government of Iceland, the government of China and Icelandic salmon farmers. PHOTO: Handout

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