Icelandic salmon egg imports to Chile increase by 64%

Demand grows for eggs from Iceland’s Stofnfiskur – Chile’s sole supplier.

In its latest annual Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector Report, Subpesca reports that imports of ova have more than doubled since last year. In December 2018, 12.3 million imported Atlantic Salmon eggs were registered compared to 7.5 million in 2017, a 64 per-cent increase.

Last year, Chile approved a two-year renewal for the exports from egg producer Stofnfiskur. Reykjavik-based StofnFiskur is the sister company to Norway-based SalmoBreed. Both are owned by UK-listed Benchmark Holdings. It produces 110-120 million eggs annually.

The report also highlighted that Chiles cumulative Atlantic salmon harvest reached 633 thousand tonnes by the end of December 2018, 8.6 per cent higher than the year before, and represented 50.9 per cent of all the country’s aquaculture output.




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