Iconic salmon smoker to expand New York facilities

100-year-old Acme Smoked Fish is teaming up with a Philadelphia-based real-estate developer.

The salmon is hand cut and cured using a blend of ingredients that haven’t changed in generations. But now the Brooklyn-based company is set to seriously expand its operations, according to the Washington Post.

Acme Smoked Fish is working with Rubenstein Partners to expand its wholesale outlet to include a 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility that will include new office spaces.

Acme’s operation is currently about 60,000 square feet and located on Gem Street near Meserole Avenue, New York.

The project could cost up to USD 300 million in acquisition and development costs, according to the publication.

In 1905, Russia immigrant Harry Brownstein settled in Brooklyn, New York, and upon his arrival, started distributing smoked fish purchased from local smokehouses throughout the city with his horse-drawn wagon. Brownstein chose the name Acme not only for its literal translation of “best in the business”, but also to be listed first in the phone book Yellow Pages.

Today, Acme Smoked Fish Corp turns over USD 31.5M in revenue annually and owns a variety of brands including Acme, Blue Hill Bay, Ruby Bay, and Great American.

In 2017, Acme invested USD 38 million in its 100,000-square-foot cold smoking plant in Wilmington, North Carolina.


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