“If the demand continues to grow in China, we may have supply problems,” says SalmonChile boss

Arturo Clement says the salmon industry in Chile is focusing on growth after years with obstacles.

Problems with prices, diseases or environmental difficulties are history. Now Chile is gearing up for market expansion. One focus is on China.

“China is growing impressively. If the demand continues to grow in China, we may have problems to supply them. It is going to be one of the great salmon markets in the world, in the long term. As it is growing, as the middle class grows in China, today it is already an important market for Chile,” La Tercera reported Arturo Clement as saying, adding Russia is also a relevant market.

After five months in charge of SalmonChile, Clement aknowledges that the salmon industry in the Chile is in much better shape than before. He also sees a bright future ahead.

“From the start, on the demand side, there is a sustained demand in different markets. In mature and emerging markets, demand has been very strong, which has led to very high prices. We believe that this will continue,” he said.

According to Clement, competitiveness in Chile is rising.

“Today we are recovering the competitiveness we lost compared to the Norwegians, and the industry is still focused on regaining its competitiveness,” he added.