If the UK blocks American chlorinated chicken, USA will target Scottish salmon

editorial staff

Washington threat ahead of trade deal.

Mail On Sunday reports that diplomatic sources have told its reporters that if Britain blocks US food, then it would take similar action against Scottish farmed salmon.

The UK and the US are seeking a trade deal post-Brexit. Donald Trump’s administration promised as far back as in February that a British deal was “top of the list” of priorities, reported the FT.

However, there has been conversations and concerns that Britain may have to accept lower quality food imports in return if the USA asks to change rules to make exports to the UK easier.

“Representatives of the US have warned that if London does try to stop the import of chickens or hormone-injected beef, then Donald Trump’s administration could take similar action to target the lucrative farmed salmon industry, which is especially important to the Scottish economy,” wrote the Mail On Sunday.

The source at the Department for International Trade, who was not named, told the publication that: “Given that chlorinated chicken is already banned in the UK, for the United States to impose new tariffs on our produce would be illegal and something that we would fight hard against.”

The UK’s transition period after Brexit comes to an end this year. The United States Presidential election is being held on the 3rd of November, which is 21 days away.


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