IFFO names Pelagia CEO as new president

Editorial Staff

The new president takes up his position amidst the fallout caused by the cancellation of the key first anchovy season in Peru.

Egil Magne Haugstad, CEO of Norwegian fishmeal and fish oil producer Pelagia, has been elected as the new President of the International Marine Ingredients Organisation (IFFO).

Haugstad, who previously served as Vice President, will succeed Gonzalo de Romana, CEO of Peruvian fishmeal and fish oil producer Tasa, starting from January 1, for a two-year term.

Pelagia, headquartered in Norway, operates fishmeal and fish oil factories in Norway, England, Scotland, and Ireland. It is a prominent global producer of pelagic seafood and high-quality omega-3 concentrates, with a notable role in the collection of by-products from the salmon industry.

Egil Magne Haugstad has expressed his commitment to advancing the marine ingredients sector, promoting knowledge and competence within the industry, and emphasizing responsible practices. He highlighted ongoing scientific initiatives like life cycle assessment analysis.

Eduardo Goycoolea, a co-founder and the first co-President of IFFO at its inception in 2001, has been appointed as vice president.

IFFO comprises 250 members operating in 50 countries, collectively accounting for over 55 percent of global production and 80 percent of the worldwide trade in fishmeal and fish oil.

Peru recently approved a 26 percent reduction in the anchovy quota to 1.7 million metric tons for the second season of 2023 in north-central waters. This reduction has significant consequences for the global fishmeal industry, as the anchovy fishery is a vital supplier of raw materials.


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