In the aftermath of the algae bloom the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries establishes an “account arrangement” that compensates up to 60 per cent of the lost tonnage

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“We give salmon farmers who are affected by the algae bloom in the north the opportunity to recover some of the lost production. It is important to take care of jobs,” said the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, Harald T. Nesvik.

The algae blooms in Nordland and Troms in May and June led to large amounts of fish being lost. So far, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has reported about 13,400 tonnes of dead salmon.

“This results in major losses for the aquaculture industry, which in many cases will have negative effects on the local communities,” wrote the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries in a press release.

Special situation
Nesvik will, therefore, give salmon farmers who are affected, the opportunity to recover some of the loss by being able to increase production over the next five years.

“This is a very special situation, which came surprisingly to the salmon farmers. I think it is reasonable to give those who have been affected, the opportunity to recover some of the lost production over time,” said Nesvik.

Salmon farmers that are affected can apply for exemption from the capacity limitations on the salmon licenses so that they can recover some of the lost production.

In brief, the exemptions from the Directorate of Fisheries will be arranged as a flexible “account arrangement” with a duration of up to five years.

Based on documented loss in tonnes, and based on a generally determined degree of compensation, each affected salmon farmer who receives a dispensation is given a “deposit” on his “compensation MTB (maximum permitted biomass) account”.


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