Increased harvesting sends the salmon price further down

Third week in a row with price fall.

“More fish are taken up because of the uncertainty with algae bloom. The whole situation is quite complex”, one salmon trader said to SalmonBusiness. [factbox]

“We have just started buying. We’re not going to trade that much. It’s not the day one should speculate too much,” he added.

Another exporter emphasizes that there are wide price spreads in the market.

“50-55 kroner at three to six kilos. The international market is quite full of fish,” he said. “That’s where the market is. [Harvesting boat] “Norwegian Gannet” is on its way to Denmark with a full load, and there is quite a lot of activity among the majors.”

There is no doubt that the salmon price is going down.

“There is not much that is contracted. The exporters are very defensive. There is pressure on the smaller fish. Pressure on everything really. People get enough fish,” an importer said.

“I guess between 50 and 55 kroner,” he said about the salmon price. “But do you talk to someone else they say five kroner higher, he said, adding that there is significant distance between the bid and the offer.

“The harvesting boat [“Norwegian Gannet”] comes in to Denmark on Sunday. Full load, according to what I hear,” he said.

That means 600 tons of salmon, corresponding to 30 truckloads to place in the market.

SalmonBusiness’ industrial sources outline the following price level (to fish farmer) for deliveries next week:

  • NOK 50-54 (€5.1-5.5) 3-4 kilograms
  • NOK 52-56 (€5.3-5.7) 4-5 kilograms
  • NOK 54-61 (€5.5-6.2) 5-6 kilograms