Inflation: Aquaculture group urges Canada to make food production a priority

The national association representing aquaculture producers is urging the Canadian government to make food production a top priority by removing barriers to growth.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ministers, the head of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) says Canada has the obligation to support food production especially given the rapidly rising food prices affecting Canadians, like the rest of the world.

“The poor are – and will be – disproportionately affected. It is time for Canada to intensify food production to sustainably and affordably feed Canadians and the world,” wrote Timothy Kennedy, President & CEO of the CAIA.

Predictable and efficient regulations are needed to reduce barriers to investment, innovation and growth, Kennedy said. He called for an immediate review of the status of all outstanding projects in the Aquaculture Roadmap and complete them.

“Prime Minister and Ministers, now is the time to double efforts to realize Canada’s commitment to delivering the best, sustainable and high-quality and affordable food to Canadians, while also growing jobs, driving economic growth and supplying this food to the world.”

Various stakeholders in Canada’s food production sector were among the signatories in the letter.


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