Injuries, evacuations after Caleta Bay ammonia leak

Salmon Business

An ammonia leak at a salmon farm of the Salmones Caleta Bay company in Puerto Montt Industrial Park has forced the evacuation of 200 workers, with 25 feeling the ill effects of the accident, CNN Chile has reported.

Accident alert: Octava Companía de Bomberos of Puerto Montt’s fire brigade at the Caleta facility after the evacuation

High concentrations of the chemical were detected in the area, a fireman was reported as saying. Local media said the facility was shut down on Monday evening as a precaution.

Ammonia leaks are serious public health alarms, and an ammonia pressure explosion can cause grievous injuries, including burns, or be fatal to staff working nearby.

SalmonBusiness has queried the company for a confirmation of injury reports and the plant’s status.

A map of the Puerto Montt area showing the accident site

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