Insider buys shares for €275,000 in Atlantic Sapphire

Thue Holm strengthens position at land-based farmer.

A press release sent Monday evening shows that DNB Markets has bought 10,000 shares in the OTC listed company Atlantic Sapphire for NOK 255 per share.

These shares will be sold at the same price to a company controlled by CTO at Atlantic Sapphire, Thue Holm, as soon as it is created, according to

At the same time, Holm has entered into an agreement for the sale of 2,450 shares at NOK 255, so the net stock increase is therefore 7,550 shares.

Following the transaction, Holm owns a total of 58,000 shares in the company. Holm’s total shareholding in Atlantic Sapphire is priced after the transaction at €1.6m.


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