Insiders buy into Atlantic Sapphire

Stian Olsen

Inside investors continue to buy shares in the land-based RAS salmon-farmer with a giant project afoot in U.S. state, Florida.

The company is listed on the Fund Manager Association’s OTC Listing in Oslo.

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Atlantic Sapphire chairman, Johan Adreassen, was the insider, buying a total 1,000 shares on Dec. 11th, 2017, at NOK 240 each. A day later, another thousand shares were bought.

Late on Tuesday, 9,073 shares were bought at NOK 261.6 each.

In all, JEA Invest, a company controlled by Andreassen, now owns 1,077,366 Atlantic Sapphire shares worth 21.72 percent of the company’s equity.

Other buyers who bought on Tuesday at NOK 261.60 were as follows:

-board member Henrik Krefting via Vatne Equity, 30.243 shares, for a total 163,003 shares and 3.52 % of outstanding shares
-board member Kjell Bjordal via Norsk Agricultural Chemistry, 4,536 shares, for a total 69,023 and 1.49%
-board member Bjorn Myrseth via Vitamar, 3,024 shares, for a total 33,200 and 0.72%
-board member Peter Skou via Sohn Invest, 3,024 shares, for a total 274,341 and 5.93%
-CFO Jose Prado 4,537 shares, for a total 32,000 shares and 0.69 %
-Damien Clarke in the sales and distribution department, 3,024 shares, for a total 21,611 and 0.47%
-technology director Thue Holm via Innovation Aquaculture Investments, 3,024 shares, for a total 61,024 and 1.32%


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