Insiders buys shares in AKVA group

editorial staff

Primary insiders C Erlend Sødal and Captura have bought shares in aquaculture equipment company.

On Tuesday in a statement on the Oslo Stock Exchange, AKVA group writes that primary insider and COO for the Cage Based Nordic business area C Erlend Sødal has purchased 9,300 shares at a price of NOK 80.60 per share.

After the transaction, Erlend Sødal holds 9,300 shares in the AKVA group.

Furthermore, Captura, which is 70 per-cent owned by Strategy & Business Development SVP Kjell Ove Hatlem (the remaining 30 per-cent owned by Anne Brit Hatlem), also a primary insider in AKVA group, purchased 2,000 shares in the company at a price of NOK 80.15 per share.

After the transaction, Captura holds 2,000 shares in the company.


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