Intership buys Nordlaks wellboat “Bjørg Pauline”

Aslak Berge

Though Nordlaks has a contract to rent the vessel back.

Norwegian salmon farmer, Nordlaks today signed a deal to agreed to sell its wellboat “Bjørg Pauline” to shipbuilder Intership. After the sale, Nordlaks will rent back the wellboat from Intership on a time charter contract. The salmon famers sold the vessel to release capital for other investment projects.

All crew members have been offered employment at the new company, as safeguarding the crew’s rights has been central to Nordlaks in the process, the company said in a press release.

“We have had a very skilled crew on board “Bjørg Pauline” and we are pleased that the transfer will not lead to insecurity for our colleagues even if the boat changes ownership. It is also good news for Nordlaks, since the boat with crew is chartered back and will be in service for us as before. This ensures continuity and we are confident that the service will maintain the same high quality as before”, said Roger Mosand, Deputy CEO of the Nordlaks Group.

The wellboat “Bjørg Pauline” was delivered to Nordlaks in 2010, and was at the time the world’s largest wellboat, based on cargo volume. Since then the vessel has transported live salmon and trout at all stages.

“Bjørg Pauline” is still a state-of-the-art wellboat. It is a good workplace and has the capacity and equipment necessary for the safety of the crew, and to take care of fish welfare and bio-safety. Nordlaks is in a significant investment phase and the wellboat is sold to release capital for other investment projects”, continued Mosand.

Intership is headquartered in Hareid, outside Ålesund, and operates 5 wellboats in Norway, Canada and Scotland. The acquisition of “Bjørg Pauline” and the time charter back to Nordlaks means that the company now operates two wellboats in Norway.

Furthermore, the company will also operate “Lady Anne Marie” for salmon farmers, Hofseth Aqua, which is due for delivery from shipyard in October.

“The acquisition of “Bjørg Pauline” and the time charter agreement with Nordlaks is of great importance to us. Today, we have our main activity internationally, but we have a clear ambition to take a significant position in Norway as well, and Nordlaks will thus be an important customer for us. “Bjørg Pauline” is a modern and particularly well-maintained wellboat, and we are pleased that the crew joins our company Intership. The honor for the boat’s reputation and good condition is essentially theirs”, said Ole Peter Brandal, Managing Director of Intership.

Bjørg Pauline PHOTO: Marius Fiskum © Norway’s Seafood Council

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