Intership contracts new wellboat and enters into long-term contract with Mowi Canada

editorial staff

Shipping company has contracted a new wellboat and at the same time signed a long-term agreement with Mowi Canada East. The wellboat will have a load capacity of 2,200 m3 and will be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

“The new vessel was designed by NSK Ship Design and will be built at the Zamakona Yards Bilbao shipyard in Spain. In addition to focusing on good fish health and avoiding the spread of infection, the vessel will be equipped with fully integrated freshwater facilities with large production capacity in relation to the wellboat’s size,” Intership wrote in a press release.

This will be the second boat with freshwater facilities for Intership, “Inter Caledonia”, which came into operation in 2016.

Intership was established in 2014 and has experienced solid growth since its inception. The company offers a modern fleet of innovative technology for sustainable handling, processing and transport of salmon.

Following the acquisition of the new building, the total fleet capacity will increase to well over 13,000 m3 divided into eight wellboats. The vessels operate in Norway, Chile, Scotland, Iceland and on both the east and west coasts of Canada.

“We are very pleased to share this news. In addition to building another wellboat, we have again gained renewed confidence in our long-standing customer, Mowi. After the vessel is delivered we will have two boats in operation for the same customer, on Canada’s east coast,” CEO Ole Peter Brandal said in a statement.

CEO of Intership, Ole Peter Brandal. Photo: Intership

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