Inverlussa on first purchase of hybrid catamaran: “This will be the most sustainable workboat in Scottish aquaculture”

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Scottish service company Inverlussa is buying a NabCat 1510 DD, making the 15-metre catamaran the first hybrid vessel in Scottish aquaculture.

“Our goal is to always be at the forefront and to offer our customers the very latest technology,” said Inverlussa CEO Ben Wilson in a press release.

The company is Scotland’s leading operator of workboats, and Wilson said it is noticing an increasing focus on sustainability in the market.

“We are not going back many years before this came second, but now there is a lot of demand from both customers and customers. There is a great desire to be both greener and more efficient,” said Wilson.

“A milestone”
The boat they have now purchased is a NabCat 15 DD hybrid, made by Moen Marin shipyard. Wilson calls it a major milestone.

“Not just for us, but for the whole of Scotland’s aquaculture. We hope that with time this will be “common practice,” he said.

The Inverlussa boss also said that hybrid-electric propulsion will play an important role in their company over the next few years.

“For us, it’s about being able to offer our customers the widest possible range of the latest and greatest technology. Boats like this are examples of that,” said Wilson, adding that they chose this particular boat because of brand awareness.

“There are many Moen Marin boats in Scottish waters, and they are a reputable supplier,” he said.

The start of something more
Head of Moen Marin owner ScaleAQ’s UK branch, Graham Smith, is pleased that Inverlussa is now leading the way.

“It’s great to see Scottish aquaculture getting its first hybrid-electric vessel. And I believe and hope that this is just the start,” said Smith.

Smith refered to the Scottish Salmon Sustainability Charter (SSPO).

“This development is in line with the charter and the entire industry’s vision. This is something all companies are now starting to look at,” he concluded.


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