Invermar president fears retaliation after criticism of Chilean government

“This is a populist and weak government” said Roberto Izquierdo in the wake of the “squid wars”. Izquierdo still stands by his words but fears what follows.

The salmon veteran criticised the Piñera administration for its handling of fishing issues while the country is gripped in protests dubbed “the squid wars.” The southern city of Concepcion has seen workers from industrial fisheries striking since Jan. 9 after lawmakers passed a bill to regulate fishing of the large squid.

The salmon entrepreneur criticised the government for its handling of the situation and said that the bill should be dumped as it was “corrupt.” He had strong words for the former Minister Pablo Longueira, the current Minister of Economy, right up to the head of state President Piñera.

In an interview with La Tercera, Izquierdo did not retract his statements but noted that the publication had mistakingly called him the head of another company, and believed that this would impact on them.

He added that “punitive measures will be taken against the industries, sending inquisitive inspectors and / or denying operational or concessional requests, which could fall mistakenly on the second company cited above.”

The former head of Sonapesca and current the President of Chile’s Confederation of Production and Commerce, Alfonso Swett, told La Tercera, that he believed Izquierdo’s outburst was “regretable”.


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