Invermar seeking to delist from Santiago Stock Exchange

Main shareholder bidding for all stock and aiming to take it private.

Chile’s Invermar has announced that it was informed by majority shareholder Grupo Alimar that it’s opening up a purchase order for its salmon stock in the Santiago Stock Exchange ( for USD 120 per share), as reported in La Tercera.

Invermar informed the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) that on January 24, it will open an order to buy Invermar’s sahres through the Credicorp Capital Corredores de Bolsa.

According to the letter, the transaction will be addressed to “all those shareholders of Invermar S.A who wish to sell their shares, which will be valid until March 30, 2019.”

In an email sent to the salmon company, Alimar wrote that that, “as it stated when it acquired control of Invermar SA, this new purchase order obeys the intention of Alimar, to ensure that the conditions that allow cancellation of registration are met.”


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