Investment firm announces new fast food platform to push Nordsee’s Go! Fish franchise system

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German Nordsee is Europe’s largest seafood restaurant chain.

In a press release, the Kharis fund writes that it has created a platform to accelerate the development Nordsee’s Go! Fish concept stories in Italy and Belgium. At the same time, the firm is also accelerating Burger King, Quick, O’Tacos.

The QSR Platform Holding SCA (QSRP) group of companies and Nordsee is now part of QSRP, a quick-service restaurant platform under the umbrella of Kharis Capital.

The seafood chain, which sources farmed salmon from Scottish, Irish and Norwegian waters, generates over EUR 350 million a year through its 374 locations, making it Europe’s leading provider. It is the third most popular eatery in Germany after Burger King and McDonald’s.

Kharis Capital is a family-backed investor focused on the quick-service restaurant market. Through various entities, it currently controls 1,000 restaurants over four brands (Burger King, Quick, O’Tacos, Nordsee) and seven key countries including Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Poland.

“The innovative power of the entire group makes it possible to offer our customers a “best in class quick service restaurant experience” across all brands. The focus here is on customer orientation, service as well as new digitalization strategies such as app, mobile ordering or flexible POS systems. As part of the international group of companies, we have access to valuable experience in employee development, trends and product developments as well as insights in important areas such as home delivery and sustainability,” said Carsten Horn, CEO Nordsee.

Luxembourg-based Kharis Capital acquired the leading fish & seafood brand from HK Food GmbH, a subsidiary of dairy giants Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller, in 2016.


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