ISA confirmed at Måsøval site; 396,000 fish affected

Editorial Staff

Infectious salmon anemia (ISA) has been detected at Måsøval’s sea location 26775 Fjølværet in Frøya municipality, Trøndelag county, according to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Måsøval notified the Food Safety Authority Region Midt on May 24 after initial analyses indicated a suspicion of ISA in fish samples from the site. The diagnosis was confirmed on June 4, based on histopathological findings and detection of the ILA virus through immunohistochemistry and RT-PCR methods. The Veterinary Institute, Norway’s national reference laboratory for ILA, verified the results.

There are 396,000 fish with an weight of 5.6 kilograms on the site.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority may order the site to be emptied as a preventive measure.


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