ISA detected at Cermaq Chile farm

Four cages tested positive for ISA-virus.

In an e-mail to SalmonBusiness, Cermaq Chile has confirmed that four out of eight cages at one of their salmon farms in the Canal Bertrand, Magallanes region in southern Chile, tested positive for ISA.

The salmon farmer wrote that as a result of sampling, positive test results for the ISA virus, but negative to HPR0, were detected at Cermaq’s Canal Bertrand farming site in the XII region. The results are now in the process of confirmation testing. Four of a total of eight cages in the farming site at the time of the sampling tested positive for ISA. The site was being harvested when the virus was detected, a process that will continue until the site is finished, Cermaq Chile wrote.

The sampling was based on Sernapesca’s official surveillance plan.

“We have implemented all required and appropriate measures and we will keep monitoring the situation closely, in order to mitigate any further impact, including to any of the neighbouring companies”, added Cermaq Chile Managing Director Morten Naerland.