ISA suspected at Chile Cermaq salmon farm

Sernapesca Chile has detected a new outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) in the Aysen region.

In a press release, the National Director of Sernapesca, Alicia Gallardo Lagno, said the new outbreak was detected while conducting its ISA Virus Monitoring and Control Program.

The suspected outbreak is being investigated PHOTO Sernapesca

“The Service has activated the protocols established for these cases, which includes the entry of official veterinarians in order to confirm or rule out the diagnosis, through the evaluation of the sanitary condition of the farm, while performing necropsies and taking samples for laboratory analysis,” said Alicia Gallardo Lagno.

National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) suspected that it had detected the virus at the salmon farm, “Rowlett 750” on Monday.

The farm belongs to Cermaq Chile.

Alicia Gallardo said that if the case were to be confirmed, “all the measures contemplated by the program will be activated, such as increased surveillance, all the infected fish will be harvested, (… as well as) biosecurity measures, in order to protect the sanitary condition of the other farms of concession group 21A, where the notified farm is located.”

Sernapesca said that in addition to the “comprehensive monitoring” of “Rowlett 750” it will also investigate all the farms near to the site.

Cermaq has been contacted for comment.


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