ISA suspected at site run by Norway’s largest privately owned salmon farmer

Editorial Staff

Infectious salmon anemia (ISA) is suspected at the sea location 13296 Sandnes Ø in Hadsel municipality, Nordland county, Norway.

The site is operated by the country’s largest privately owned salmon farmer, Nordlaks.

The Veterinary Institute notified the Norwegian Food Safety Authority on 16 May about findings indicative of ISA on fish at the site. The suspicion arises from positive results during routine disease investigations, according to a press release from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

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The Norwegian Food Safety Authority plans an immediate inspection to collect follow-up samples for the Veterinary Institute to confirm the presence of ISA.

To limit the spread of infection, restrictions have been imposed on the site, including a ban on moving fish without special permission. Operations at the facility can continue in parts deemed safe by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

If ISA is confirmed, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority may order the emptying of the facility or parts of it. Additionally, a restriction zone will be established to prevent, limit, and combat the spread of ISA.


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