Island community celebrates €60Mn wellboat duo


“These boats contribute work, efficiency and team spirit. They offer a reason to get up in the morning,” said Helge Gaaso, managing director of ship owner, Froy, as the wellboats Gaaso Jarl and Gaaso Freyja were “christened” on Saturday, newspaper Hitra-Froya reported.

The Gaaso Freyja

His wife, Jorun Gaasoe, and Mayor Berit Flaamo did the baptismal honours.

“Smashing this bottle of Champaign on the first attempt is supposed to bring luck, Mrs. Gaasoe said. Neither her nor Mrs. Flaamo, however, managed to smash the bottle, but the atmosphere was good and the boats were “well-baptised and blessed”.

Mr. Gasso was pleased with the ceremony.

“Marine Harvest might have suggested (other sponsors than the ladies), but in the end I chose those it was most natural to choose,” he said.

The vessels were put to work by Marine Harvest when delivered from the shipyard last year in March and in late autumn. They represent investments of EUR 62.4 million for the ship owner.

“We thank Marine Harvest for the contract to deliver wellboat services. It has given our company a significant lift in terms of compensation and provides 32 new jobs,” a message from Froy Rederi said.


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