Isolated by road works gone wrong, Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett forced to close it salmon processing plant

editorial staff

Parts of Senja, Central Norway, are without road access affecting salmon farmer’s operations, as government workers scramble to finish road works.

“Dead salmon are in a hurry to get out to market. And as long as we are not confident that the road will open again quickly, we cannot take the chance to harvest more. We already have a lorry on stand by, which can’t come out,” said Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett CEO to NRK.

A contractor employed by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration blew up a hill to clear a path for roadworks. Authorities said it may take a week before the road is cleared.

The company has around 70 employees in Torsken, Senja, Central Norway. According to Wilsgård, there was a truck on the other side of the roadblock, which was meant to transport fish to a nearby processing plant.

“We are in contact with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and we are discussing what other solutions are available if we have to get goods in and out,” added Wilsgård.

He said that he was looking into alternatives ways in and out such as ferries.


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