“Isolated” north-Norwegians organising direct flights to China


Norwegian tourism and fisheries are hoping to combine forces to secure one direct flight to China from the country’s northernmost salmon-producing regions, it has been learned.

For, now growing salmon production in north Norway is still having to be trucked or flown south to the international airports in Bergen or Oslo.

“We’re working to secure a direct flight from northern Norway to China that combines salmon and tourism, for example, on flight per week from Bardufoss or Evenes,” John-Steve Linkloekken, a travel manager for Nordnorsk Reiseliv was quoted by newspaper Nordlys as saying.

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Linloekken recently led a delegation from northern country, Troms, to Hainan Province and Guangzhou in China. The goal was link-up with contacts, especially those in seafood and tourism.

“There are still restrictions on selling seafood from Norway to China, something that’s being worked on. Still, what I’m saying is that there is enormous potential hear to further develop both the seafood and tourism industries,” wrote Troms Country councillor, Willy Ornebakk, on the country Web page.

“It’s absolutely decisive for the seafood industry that their product gets from A to B in the agreed time. So, national authorities have to assist to make sure we can fly our products out from our own airports, so we can reduce the number of trailers on our roads,” he said.

County, regional tourism and keen-to-expand salmon interests are understood to be targeting 2020 for that one flight a week to China.

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