Israeli firm working on RAS site in Russia

Russia eyeing up RAS technology.

The Russian RG.RU site is reporting that the Israeli firm, AquaMaof, is working on a new RAS indoor salmon farm investment project as well as fish feed factory in central Russia.

AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies, an Israeli recirculating aquaculture technology manufacturer, recently revealed a 600 metric ton per annum salmon hatchery, smolt and market-size Atlantic salmon recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) R&D facility near Warsaw, Poland.

The publication said that the company is working with authorities in the Penza region and that the project is worth 4.5 billion rubles (EUR 60 million). It is planned that 570 new jobs will be created when implementing the eco-project.

“We analysed the supply and demand of fish in trade networks, the interest in this product in recent years has grown significantly, more people are switching to healthy food. In 2017, the Penza region produced more than 2,400 tons of commercial fish. On this indicator, we are among the leaders in the Volga Federal District, but we would like to continue to develop in this direction,” said Penza region governor, Ivan Belozertsev.

The area for the construction of the site is located at the railway and highway junction, M-5 Ural, which connects Russia’s western and eastern regions.

Leonid Goldshtein, director of CIS Countries for AquaMaof told SalmonBusiness in an email: “AquaMaof has been delivering RAS-based indoor technology and facilities for over 35 years all over the world. We have many projects running in different stages worldwide.

“In Russia we had built an indoor Trout production facility, which is operating successfully for several years. Russia is a strategic market for us and we have recognise a significant need for close-to-market land-based facilities, also for the production of salmon. As such, we have several projects in different stages of design, planning and construction in this area. All of them are based on our advanced proprietary technology that have been proven worldwide and acknowledged by our customers as a leading technology in this field.”


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