“It may be right to set limits on ownership”

editorial staff

Norwegian government considering their options as consolidation in the salmon farming industry continous.

A combined NTS/SalMar will be able to control around 17 percent of the production capacity of salmon in Norway. Mowi already controls just over 19 percent. Adding Cermaq and Lerøy, four companies hold more than half of the country’s salmon licenses.

“The government will review the schemes with permits in the aquaculture industry to ensure continued diversity and local ownership,” said Minister of Fisheries Bjørnar Skjæran NT24.

“I think it is wise to see the committee’s work in connection with the assessments we announced in the Hurdal platform.”

The Minister of Fisheries said he is absolutely aware of how the ownership structures in the aquaculture industry are developing. According to Skjæran, it says a lot about the expectations for development and profitability in the industry.

“We believe that it may be right to set restrictions on ownership concentration,” Skjæran told the newspaper.


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