Italian seafood distributors form new joint venture called MED SEALOG

STEF Seafood Italia and Mediterranea Trasporti, which coordinates Marlog operations, have pooled their resources in seafood to form a new joint venture for Italian and international customers.

In a press release, the Italian seafood arm of the temperature controlled logistics provider STEF Seafood Italia and Mediterranea Trasporti write that they have joined forces to form new venture called MED SEALOG.

MED SEALOG will coordinate operations for marine logistics company Marlog. It is also partnering with Seafoodways, a specialist collection and distribution network for ultra-fresh seafood, for which it will be the main operator in Italy.

The new company will be 60 per cent owned by Mediterranea Trasporti and 40 per cent by STEF Italia. The company will be headquartered in Venice, with a direct and indirect workforce of nearly 150 people.

In 2018, STEF Seafood Italia aquired EXPRESS MAREE which specialises in seafood transport and logistics in France and internationally.

A STEF spokesperson told SalmonBusiness that MED SEALOG covers also fresh salmon for the Italian market.

“In terms of Coronavirus challenges, thanks to the high level of specialisation and whole coverage of Italian territory MED SEALOG will have the capabilities to face the main market challenges which are (as per the whole fresh fish industry) mainly related to the changes of consumers’ habits (less restaurants and out of home consumption mainly),” said the MED SEALOG spokesperson


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