Italy’s health minister recalls salmon sandwiches over listeria fears

editorial staff

Italy’s health minister has announced a recall of salmon and mayonnaise sandwiches over Listeria concerns, days after a similar recall was issued for other food items over links to several fatalities.

The warning, released earlier this week on the health ministry’s website, was released to sandwiches marked with the ‘Gri allegri sapori’ brand and produced by Laboratorio Gastronomico Due A.A. s.rl.  Consumers who’d purchased the product were warned not to ear it and return the items before 10th October.

The warning follows an increase in reported cases of listeria in several regions in Italy over products contaminated with the Listeria ST 155 strain.

Listeria is a bacterium that causes an illness called listeriosis. It is widespread in the environment and can contaminate a range of food at low or standard refrigeration temperatures. It can be destroyed by thorough cooking. It is of most concern in chilled, ready to eat foods that do not require further cooking, such as smoked fish.


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