“It’s not just the bottom line that matters”

Aslak Berge

Sustainability has been lifted high on Grieg Seafood’s agenda. “There is no doubt that we are co-responsible,” said Per Grieg jr about the decline in wild salmon stocks.

“This year we hope to produce 100,000 tonnes, 400 million salmon meals,” said Per Grieg jr.

The Chairman of the Board of Grieg Seafood is at home, at the Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg in Bergen, Norway, where the Aqkva conference is currently taking place. 580 people are here in what has become the country’s largest aquaculture conference.

Social Contract
“To have a social contract, one must understand their role,” he said. “Contribute locally, be long-term, open and visible. We must understand the spirit of the times. It is not a written agreement, but an understanding.

“License to operate” is what it is called in English, and it is perhaps more comprehensive,” he elaborated in his native Norwegian.

“This includes responsibility for the public, animal welfare, climate, biodiversity, responsibility for wild salmon and trout. There is no doubt that we are co-responsible,” said Grieg about the decline in salmon stocks. “If we can form an alliance with wild salmon fishermen and landowners, we will more easily understand the spirit of the times”.

“It’s not just the bottom line that matters for good business operations,” he emphasised.

“We have created a risk matrix that shows what is important for Grieg Seafood – and external parties. Food safety is the most important thing we are doing. It’s on top. Escape and lice control is perhaps the most important thing for the larger community, but for us fish health is just as important,” he added.

On the FAIR index, Grieg Seafood ranks sixth over the most sustainable protein producer in the world.

“Of the top ten in the world, four are Norwegian salmon farmers. We are very proud of it,” said Grieg.

The company has ASC certifications in Finnmark and British Columbia, and has a target of such certification for 100 per cent of all sites.


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