Japanese farm receives ASC certification for production of cherry salmon

Editorial Staff

Izumisawa Suisan aims to ship 1,000 tons of cherry salmon and coho salmon annually.

Japanese salmon producer Izumisawa Suisan, based in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, has become the first commercial farm to receive Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for cherry salmon production.

The farm, which also produces coho salmon, is situated along Kamaishi Bay.

Cherry salmon, known for its pink cherry-colored scales and delicate flesh, is often harvested during Japan’s cherry blossom season. The ASC certification acknowledges Izumisawa Suisan’s commitment to environmentally friendly aquaculture practices.

“We are very honored to have our achievements in environmentally friendly aquaculture recognized. This certification is trusted internationally, and we would like to utilize it in our future sales strategy,” said Hiroshi Izumisawa, President of Izumisawa Suisan. The company aims to expand its market to European countries following this certification.

Koji Yamamoto, ASC General Manager in Japan, said, “We are delighted to recognize Izumisawa Suisan’s contribution to responsible commercial farming of cherry salmon. Through this certification, we are able to increase environmental responsibility and social awareness in the farming of cherry salmon and promote this rare Japanese delicacy locally and globally.”

The farm began cherry salmon farming trials in November 2020, collaborating with Kamaishi City and Iwate University. It has since expanded to include coho salmon and launched a full-scale business last year. Currently, Izumisawa Suisan uses four 40-meter-diameter circular fish cages and aims to ship 1,000 tons of cherry salmon and coho salmon annually.

The certification ceremony was attended by about 30 participants, including representatives from ASC Japan, the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) Amita, Iwate Prefecture and Kamaishi City, local processing manufacturers, and Iwate University. Guests sampled cherry salmon and coho salmon sashimi and grilled dishes, evaluating their quality.

“Obtaining certification has been our goal since we started our aquaculture business. Through this certification, we hope to expand our sales channels, ensure a stable supply of raw materials, and work to improve the income and social status of our fishermen,” added Izumisawa.


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