Johnson Marine orders ‘largest vessel yet’ from Moen Marin 

Peter Simpson

Scotland’s largest aquaculture service operator, Johnson Marine Ltd,  has ordered a new workboat from Norwegian boat building specialists, Moen Marin.

The new vessel, a NabCat 1498/1000 MD, is scheduled to be delivered by the spring of 2019 and has been ordered as Shetland-based Johnson Marine ramps up its growth strategy and seeks to meet new demand from the growing aquaculture industry in Iceland.

The 15m catamaran is the latest order from repeat customer Johnson Marine, which demands safe and efficient work boats designed to cope with the harsh waters of the British archipelago; the company took delivery of two 13.5m Nabcats in 2014.

With a 10m width, the new vessel offers a large and safe working deck with generous comfortable crew facilities below. The spacious bridge gives a clear 360-degree view.

The wide, aluminum hulls are constructed to DNV Nordic boat standard, and provide good stability and buoyancy, with whirlwind spikes to provide increased strength.

Two Nogva Scania DI 13 engines with a combined output of 1,000 hp, together with Nogva-gear rotary propeller system and two side propellers from Petter Marine, offer sufficient power and good maneuverability.

The engine room is fully insulated and satisfies fire class A with automatic fire extinguishes.

Navigation and communication equipment is provided by Furuno. The working deck is equipped with two powerful radio-controlled Palfinger cranes, one aft starboard and one front starboard on respectively, with lifting capability of 62 tm and 32m, with 20m range, radio control and mounted winch respectively.

The 8 and 3-ton capstan is equipped with foot pedal and emergency stop while the Parker pumps supply the hydraulic systems.

“Moen Marin supplies high-quality vessels that offer good facilities and a safe work platform for our crews. For several years we have developed good relationships with it Norwegian supplier. Good service and follow-up mean that we will continue the cooperation with Moen Marin,” said Johnson Marine CEO, Ivor Johnson.


NabCat 14.95


  • NabCat 1498/1000 MD 2 etg.
  • Length 14.98 meters
  • Width 10.00 meters
  • Commissioned: May 23, 2018