JT electric building two new feed barges for Faroese salmon farmer Hiddenfjord

JT electric has signed a contract with Faroese salmon farmer Hiddenfjord to build two new 700 tonne feeding barges for exposed farm sites in the North Atlantic.

The company, which has dedicated years to renovating large vessels to feed barges, described it as a “milestone in the company’s strategy of designing and building new structures for the international market.”

“We are very excited about our collaboration with Hiddenfjord,” Suni Justinussen, CEO at JT electric, said, adding that “our collaboration with them plays a crucial part in our transition to designing new barges to exposed farm sites on the international market.”

With the seas around the Faroe Islands described as some of toughest marine environments in the world, fish farmers in the region face extreme condition that require sturdy technology.

The new feed barges are fully automated and can be controlled remotely from the coast, as well as being designed to cope with being hit by significant waves.

The barges are set to be delivered to Hiddenfjord in the summer. They will have a 700 tonne feed capacity, with one having 16 feeding lines and the other have 6 feeding lines in addition to an integrated lumpfish feeding system with 5 tonne capacity.

JT electric’s feeding systems are currently being used in the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Norway, Iceland and Canada, feeding 80 million salmon per day. The company has, in recent years, expanded into the international market, branching out in Scotland, Poland and Demark.


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