Kingdom of Brunei signs MOU for 10,000 tonne land-based salmon farm

8F announces new site – first and largest of its kind in South-east Asia.

The Star reports that Pure Salmon’s parent company 8F Asset Management has signed an MOU with Brunei’s Ministry of Finance and Economy for a 10,000 tonne RAS salmon farm.

8F is behind a global roll out of land-based salmon farms in strategically placed areas around the world such as Japan and Lesotho, Africa, and more.

The facility will supply salmon products such as fillets and smoked salmon domestically and regionally.

CEO of 8F Asset Management Karim Ghannam said, “Brunei is leading by example, which is not only forward-looking and ahead of other countries in the region, when it comes to innovation and sustainable food production.”

“Consumers are increasingly aware of food safety, health, traceability and environmental concern which are all driving the demands for sustainably and responsibly produced food.

“Growing Atlantic salmon caters for growing demand for fish protein. Besides providing clean and healthy Atlantic salmon farmed locally, the facility is also expected to create jobs and contribute to the local economy, while serving as a model for other countries to follow.”

Fish consumption in Brunei Darussalam -a tiny wealthy nation on the island of Borneo – per capita is one of the highest in the South-east Asia region, 47 kilograms per person, according to the country’s Department of Fisheries.


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