Klaas Puul – Foppen merger gets the go-ahead

Authorities have given the thumbs up for the Dutch mega alliance. 

The companies will now trade under the new name Dutch Seafood Company. According to the site nu.nl the companies say that the union will give them a stronger position in the market.

The deal, which was announced in June, had to go through the motions of the Dutch competition authority (Autoriteit Consument & Markt – ACM) which deemed the merger competitive.

The large seafood wholesaler Klaas Puul (which has its own salmon smokehouse in Volendam) will be taking over the third generation family-owned business Foppen, one of the most prominent salmon producers and smokers in the country.

Dutch Seafood Company will be led new CEO, André van der Padt. All jobs at both companies are retained.

The joint turnover of both companies amounted to around EUR 325 million last year.

The companies have production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Greece and Morocco.


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