Krill fishing company wins prize for role in pioneering billion dollar new Industry

Editorial Staff

First time in nine years that a company from the aquaculture sector has received this honor.

Biotechnology and krill fishing company Aker BioMarine has been awarded the prestigious Norwegian Export Award for 2024.

The award, presented by Innovation Norway and Export Finance Norway (Eksfin), recognizes Norwegian exporters who excel in creating value through foreign markets. This marks the first time in nine years that a company from the aquaculture sector has received this honor, with the previous recipient being Lerøy in 2015.

Aker BioMarine was selected over strong finalists including Hofseth and Medistim. The company distinguished itself with a business strategy that emphasizes targeted, sustainable, and innovative practices.

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A leader in sustainable and high-tech fishing, Aker BioMarine manages the entire value chain from catching krill in Antarctica to the research, development, production, and sale of krill-based ingredients and products. These products are used in fish and animal feed, as well as in the consumer market for high-quality proteins.

The jury highlighted Aker BioMarine’s export figures, with 91 percent of its turnover coming from international markets, predominantly in America and Asia. The company has contributed to establishing a billion-dollar industry and has become a world-leading exporter of krill, a new raw material in the global market. Aker BioMarine’s efforts in minimizing bycatch and advancing fishing methods were also commended.

Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre praised Aker BioMarine’s role in creating an export success from a sea resource used for both fish feed and human nutrition.

“It is great to see a Norwegian company creating an export success out of a resource from the sea that can be used for both fish feed and human nutrition. Aker BioMarine is a really good example of innovative Norwegian exports,” Vestre said.


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