Kroger closing seafood counters

editorial staff

Closing of all personal-service meat and seafood counters.

Kruger – the United States’ largest supermarket by revenue – is to shut its fresh fish counters to focus on getting shoppers the basics, reports Journal News.

The store sells a wide large range of farmed and wild salmon. It is following a trend in which sees supermarkets dramatically cut its product range to focus on those for which there is the greatest demand during the coronavirus crisis.

For example, the BBC reported that UK supermarket Sainbury’s said that it is moving from 20 different sizes and styles of pasta to six. SalmonBusiness is currently contacting processors to see how this will affect salmon products – which can come in a range of flavours.

“You will see closures of our service departments, our meat case, salad bars,” Rolfes said. “It’s not due to concerns about spreading disease… it is all just to reallocate resources to make sure the shelves are stocked,” said Kruger spokeswoman Erin Rolfes to the publication.


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