Kvarøy Arctic salmon hot dogs picked up by US retail chain Giant Eagle

editorial staff

New contract with 49th-largest retailer in the United States.

Kvarøy Arctic writes that its salmon hot dogs now available at 120 Giant Eagle stores in Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

The Norwegian family-run fish farm Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett (known outside of the country as Kvarøy Arctic) told SalmonBusiness early in June that it expects to sell USD 80 million this year. They ship around two to three containers of sausages a month. One container carries just over 100,000 hot dogs.

“As a father, I am always looking to improve the quality of food in our home. The opportunity to provide my two young children with a hot dog rich in omega 3s was an easy decision. Imagine my surprise when they ate them better than the high-end beef hot dogs they had eaten prior, Kvaroy salmon dogs have become a staple in our home. We’re carrying them in our stores to make them accessible to more families like ours,” said Giant Eagle seafood category buyer Shawn Oliver in a press release.

“This partnership with Giant Eagle is proof positive that families across the country are looking for fresh ways to make an iconic American meal with responsibly farmed salmon, said Kvarøy Arctic strategic development officer Jennifer Bushman.

Kvarøy Arctic will produce about 7,700 tonnes of salmon this year. Most of it goes to the United States.  Its fish are currently available through domestic U.S. distributor Pod Foods, at restaurants, and through select retailers like Giant Eagle, Cherry Hill Market, Cox Farms Market, Acorn Acres, and Whole Foods Market U.S. locations.


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