Kverva has bought 45 percent of the German salmon processor Lübbert

editorial staff

Kverva Industrier, owned by Gustav Witzøe, has taken a large stake in Bremerhaven-based FW Lübbert GmbH & Co.

Kverva already has heavy ownership positions in SalMar, ScaleAQ, Patogen, Insula, Pelagia and Nutrimar, and now the German processing company has been added to the portfolio. Lübbert delivers fish products to wholesalers, smokehouses, retailers, catering companies and direct to home, and already has SalMar’s Frøya brand in its product portfolio.

Strategic position
A press release states that the companies signed a purchase and sale agreement as early as 31 December 2020, which gave Kverva a 45 per cent ownership interest in Lübbert.


“The partnership strengthens Lübbert’s position in the strategically important German market and forms the basis for further growth. Several of the companies in the Kverva portfolio have long had a relationship with Lübbert, and the partnership will further support this relationship, while maintaining the independence of the various companies in their dealings with Lübbert. ”

Lübbert’s directors Sven Braasch and Birte Tutas will continue in their positions, according to Kverva’s investment director Olav Holst-Dyrnes.

“The investment in Lübbert is an excellent opportunity to strengthen and support the development of the Kverva companies in the German market,” said Holst-Dyrnes.

“We are very happy to come on this journey together with the Lübbert team,” Holst-Dyrnes added.