Labeyrie CEO steps down, execs take over in joint leadership role

Jacques Trottier and Steve Lawson are appointed Co-CEOs, replacing Frédérick Bouisset.

“The shareholders of the Labeyrie Fine Foods Group have decided to continue supporting the Labeyrie Fine Foods Group, by giving new impetus,” wrote Labeyrie Fine Foods in a press release first reported in Lsa Conso.

Steve Lawson and Jacques Trottier, have been appointed Co-CEOs, replacing Frédérick Bouisset who joined in 2017.

Frédérick Bouisset. PHOTO: Labeyrie

“The complementary expertise of Steve Lawson and Jacques Trottier will enable the implementation of an effective strategy capable of ensuring the dynamic development of the Group over the long term. They will be supported in this mission by a highly committed CoMex (Executive Committee.ed) as well as by all of Group employees, ” it wrote.

Steve Lawson has been Administrative and Financial Director of the Labeyrie Fine Foods Group since September 2018. Jacques Trottier has been General Manager of the Premium & Trendy Foods BU (Labeyrie, Blini, Atelier Blini, Delpierre seafood counter) since July 2018.

Last year, SalmonBusiness reported that the shareholders of Labeyrie Fine Foods, PAI Partners and the Basque cooperative Lur Berri, are currently looking at the entry a new investor in France’s number 1 seller of smoked salmon (and Tesco smoked salmon supplier). The food group also own UK processors Farne Salmon & Trout and Lyons Seafoods.


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